Are you looking for a team of experts who will be at your side to assist and advise you during challenging times and ensure that all the electronic components you need are available? Welcome to our website – We are the right people for you!


When SAND & SILICON’s founders laid the foundation stone for today’s company, there was only one goal in mind: maximum customer satisfaction. We understand that this is only achieved through professional and thoroughly courteous support provided by exceptional, qualified staff.

What’s more, we are synonymous with outstanding quality in the selection of our suppliers and products, which makes us a leading service provider.

Our company name SAND & SILICON harks back to the two substances from which all electronic components are made. This name signifies excellence. We strive to become the best provider on the market – in terms of both customer service and customer support.

You and your needs are paramount; we are happy to adapt to them and find suitable solutions, thereby ensuring processes run smoothly in your company. Our incentive is your complete satisfaction.
We offer expert advice and services, years of experience in our field and a global network – and you can benefit from everything!


Our employees are just as important to us as our customers. We are built on flat hierarchies and undertake projects as equals, which enables fast and effective work.

The majority of our employees have previously worked for leading global manufacturers, distributors and brokers. They are specialists with various backgrounds in terms of their industry knowledge as well as nationality. They have now formed a high-performance team that has a complete overview of supplier structures and working methods across the global market. This combined expertise naturally flows into our advice.


We only offer thoroughly tested, quality goods as well as first-class customer service for all your needs. Trust, fairness and transparency are the most important keywords; they are the cornerstones of our daily interactions.

We offer collaboration as equals. Why should you choose us as your partner? We ensure that you are spared unnecessary price increases and that bottlenecks or even production downtimes are a thing of the past. We make sure that you receive your components as planned. We are, therefore, in permanent contact and dialogue with our first-class suppliers around the globe.